Immersive Media Studio

We talk about the Art of Better Media a lot on any given day at the 23 Bulbs virtual studio. Its that which brought us together. The Art of Strategy, of Social Community, of Story, of Business. of Technology, of Need Solving and, of course, eh, the Art of Art. eh, Digitally.

Art of Better Media that we all make a daily promise to craft, steward & curate for our Partners & Affiliates. Art that reaches, intrigues, makes contextual participatory & emotional connections to your audiences. To sustain them, to gain enrollment from new ones.

Truthfully, with Humility. With mindful playfulness also. Because that's what Better takes.

We don’t have Clients, we have Partners. Affiliates. Partners that are across industries, markets & the globe. If you are courageous, a leader of your tribe, a calculated risk taker, an innovator, someone who wants Better for the Audience you serve, well, you’re one of us. And, if so, we are all people who do things like this.

Better Media

We only take on 5 projects per year. We do so because that's what it takes to craft Better. To go deep. To be your Affiliate. To produce Media that works. Media that isn't just more Digital Noise. To deliver on our Promise of Better. And for you to deliver your Better to your Audience. That takes focus and time. A pledge from us and you, to be in it for the long-haul.

We hedge the Invest, the Risk, and drive Return. All we ask of you is to be Courageous to start, to be the Instigator, to lead your Tribe, and we'll do the Rest.

And our Rest, is where our Strategists come in. Our Social Community builders. Our Multi-disciplinary, global award winning network. You will have seen our work.

And our Approach to Production, Rest. A lite blend of Agile, Design, Lean & Challenge methodologies. Keeping their precision, their multi-disciplinary perspective thinking, their iterative consensus feedback loops, their build small, test big fundamentals. But, keeping it Lite & Easy for you at your side. You have your BAU to do.

Collaboration - Design - Build - See, Feel, Taste - Learn - Rinse, Repeat