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If your Need demands 2D rather than 3D, then Better Media only exists through its Interactivity. Without that, it's just more digital noise. And by Interactivity, we mean with relevancy,  contextuality and truthfulness. To craft that level requires the art of end-user research, intuition and empathy. Coupled with the art of story and coherent design. Creating simple, clear, technology transparent design experiences. Experiences that are malleable to the individual audience member. Solutions that are purposeful. With life. Value creating.

@ 23 Bulbs, we are agnostic to whether its an App, a Site and the code type. We utilize all within our palette. What matters is your Need, your audiences Need. What matters is that it's Better. And that it's all coherent and unified with your whole. Only when we understand all this do we select the arrangement of Notes. Finding the appropriate balance between the music and the silence, between harmony and melody.

Apps. Websites. Platforms.

Computing. Utility. Interaction Networks. Marketplaces. On-Demand Service.

Visual & Audio.

Better Media.