Content & Campaigns

Whatever your Media Need, you all Need your Social Community. Without that, you have no Audience. No one to speak to with your Media. Everyone like you needs to engage to sustain what you have. Interact with ones you don't. Elicit their action. Enrollment with you action. Growing your Community. And by Elicit action, we mean with relevancy,  contextuality and truthfulness. To craft that level requires the art of end-user research, intuition and empathy. Coupled with the art of story and coherent design. Aligning Audience, Marketing & Sales. Allowing Audience to tell their story with what you do. Not the other way around. That's where Better resides.

@ 23 Bulbs, we are agnostic to whether it's Written, Visual or Audio content. We utilize all within our pallette. What matters is your Need, your audiences Need. What matters is that it's Better. And that it's all coherent and unified with their and your whole.

Only when we understand all this do we carve the marble into their and your Big Rock content ecosystem sculpture. Finding the appropriate balance between enigmaticness, expression, movement, solidity, strength, tactility. The appropriate symbology, inscription. The appropriate Plinth to anchor it.

Audience Engagement. Sustenance. Enrollment. Growth.

Written, Visual & Audio.

Better Media.