VFX, AFX & Post

Whether you have a Short, a Series or a Feature, effects tighten it. Deploying these has long since been the new normal. Whatever the genre. Treatment matters. Audience expect. In Conceptual or Pre-Production? Lets get that Storyboard visually tight. The Post treatment tested, selected, micro-planned. Production or Post? Lets get that selected treatment going. Designed. Crafted. Line-managed. Directed. These are all important. But, Better resides in the treatment selection. Not selection for selection sake. There has to be unity between treatment, story, character and viewer. Or its just noise. Detracting noise.

@ 23 Bulbs, we are agnostic to the treatment applied. We utilize all within our palette. What matters is your story-character-viewer Need. What matters is that it makes Better. That it's coherent and purposeful. Only when we understand all this do we apply the brush. Strokes that resonate. Leaving the viewer with something. Asks questions. Articulates something. Lets them interpret. Essence. Previsualization. Digital. Animation. Modelling. Roto. Paint. Compositing. Edit. Audio. Film. 360o. Better Media.