Umbrellaing Immersive Media made with Virtual, Augmented, Mixed & Cinematic Reality 3D content, software and hardware. Deploying these tools, techniques and art forms, new realities are crafted, experienced and participated in. Bringing digital objects into the physical world and bringing physical world objects into the digital world. And the experiencer into both. Immersing the experiencer. In, and with, every sense. Generating true feelings. Deep Media-Human connection. Feelings and connection resulting from new paradigms of Media-Human engagement, interactivity and personalization.

@ 23 Bulbs, we are agnostic to the wearables and code type. We utilize all within our pallette. Only when we understand your true Need do we select this color or that. That key, that octave, that instrument. Whether your score, your Need,  requires a full orchestra, a quartet or a solo, we strategically select and artfully Conduct the selected ensemble. Ensembles assembled in the halls of carefully identified environs. Fully Digital. Digital-Physical. Physical-Digital. Installations. Headsets. Body Wearables. Platform. Mobile. Visual & Audio. Better Media.